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Two Mediterranean gems

The Maltese islands are made up of an arcipelago of four islands. Malta being the largest, Gozo second, Comino and finally Fifla. 

The islands boast of a mild winter and hot summers where one can enjoy the outdoors and beaches.

The Maltese islands host a long list of History and Art museums, various events like the Jazz Festival, the Maltese Fireworks Festival and much more. Really the list could be quite exhaustive since there is a lot to see on these islands.

We recommend to visit the Blue Lagoon in Comino and also the Indoor Sea where the Azure Window used to be. At the same site there is the Blue Hole which is a diver's paradise. 

Indeed there is a lot to mention and to see, so why not also entrust C.D. Cabs and take you around these beauties? Give us a call on 00 356 79343643.

Maltese Bus
Maltese Qaghaq
Fireworks Festival
Roman Architecture
Zurrieq - Blue Grotto
Valletta Sunset
Malta Cliffs
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